We’re a professional team of woodworm treatment specialists operating across the Wadebridge area. Our services are delivered to both domestic and commercial properties and all our operatives are fully qualified in dealing with woodworm infestations of every kind.



With All-Clear Pest Control, you get a no-nonsense, expert team on your side who are able to solve your woodworm problem.

  • All our operatives working around Wadebridge are accredited by the National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA) and we’re fully insured.
  • We’re approved Sovereign contractors.
  • We provide a discreet service with unmarked vans so no one needs to know.
  • Our woodworm treatments come with a 30 year guarantee.


We work with a wide range of businesses throughout Wadebridge. Our clients range from small companies with limited office space to large organisations that have more complicated needs, as well as local landlords and rental businesses. We’re at home just as much helping those in the private or the public sector.


We also help treat woodworm infestations for Wadebridge thousands of home owners. It can be difficult spotting the signs of woodworm – the real damage tends to go on under areas like the carpet. The tell-tale signs are small holes about a millimetre wide that appear dotted across the woodwork. If you think that you have a problem with woodworm in your property, it’s important that you do something about it quickly.


We get more and more customers nowadays coming to us for a survey to check if they have woodworm. This is often the case for those buying new properties – they want to be sure there’s no structural damage or future problem with an infestation before they sign any contracts. 

Other customers start to notice small holes appearing in the woodwork around their home or when they do something simple like change carpets and see the floor underneath. Having a survey undertaken to check for woodworm infestations is quick and easy to organise. It can also give you peace of mind as well as treating any identified problem.


We provide our woodworm treatment services across the whole of Devon and Cornwall, including thriving towns like Wadebridge. Our process is highly methodical and thorough and includes:

  • Identifying any infestation, including the type of larvae, and noting which areas of the property are affected.
  • Identifying any areas that have been damaged and what may need to be replaced by your builder.
  • Selecting the appropriate woodworm treatment for your Wadebridge property.
  • Carrying out the treatment safely.
  • Ensuring that your property is clean and safe to inhabit.