There are different kinds of insects that like to set up home in wood. Some prefer the outdoor, natural world of trees and undergrowth. Others are just as happy to start burrowing into the floorboards or furniture of your property.

It’s the larvae of adult beetles that cause the serious damage when it comes to a woodworm infestation. Once an adult beetle lays some eggs, these quickly develop and burrow into the wood, often spending a good few years feeding away to their heart’s content without you even noticing.

When these larvae are ready to turn into fully grown beetles themselves, they burrow to the surface and escape – which is why you will notice the tell-tale holes in areas of wood that have been infested.

The different types of woodworm you are likely to find in homes and commercial properties around Cornwall, Devonand the South West of England include:Common furniture beetles | Powder post beetles | Death watch beetles | Wood boring weevils | House longhorn beetles If these infestations are left to spread they can cause a lot of damage to the structural integrity of your property. You need to do something as soon as you notice there’s a problem.


The first step in treating woodworm is making a correct diagnosis. That doesn’t just mean spotting that you have an issue but also realising the extent of it. At All-Clear Pest Control, we understand the value of a comprehensive survey – it’s what dictates the next step and the plan of action for where the woodworm treatment is applied.

  • All our operatives working across Devon and Cornwall are accredited by the National Pest Technicians
  • Association (NPTA) and we’re fully insured.

To do this, our process for stopping woodworm infestations in their tracks is methodical:

  • We first identify all areas that are affected by woodworm, identify the species and assess whether there is still activity going on.
  • The next step is to check the structural integrity of the areas infested – do floorboards need to be replaced, for example? We’ll point out the areas that your builder will need to focus on.
  • Based on our experience, we’ll assess which is the best woodworm treatment for your property.
  • Then we’ll carry out the treatment. • Finally, we ensure that your property is clean and safebefore we leave.